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Rawlings 243 Big Stick Ash Wood Baseball Bat

Bone rubbed ash bat. Uses a Rawlings proprietary machine that is designed to rub the grain and compress the bat making the hitting surface harder and reduces flaking. Big barrel and cupped end. 29/32" handle.

Rawlings Ash
• As one of the strongest timbers available, ash is durable and known for its exceptional feel.
• Ash contains a 10-12% moisture content resulting in additional flexibility and whip.
• Ash is porous and lightweight due to its open grain structure.

Rawlings Big Stick
Barrel size generates power. With a larger hitting surface and increased sweetspot, Rawlings’ Big Sticks were created for athletes who can swing with a heavier barrel resulting in maximum power at the plate.

Bat Specifications
Wood: Ash
Barrel: Large (Big Stick)
Handle: 29/32"
Barrel Load: Balanced
Cupped: Yes
Turn Model: 243
Warranty: Wood bats carry no warranty or guarantee,

Available Sizes: 34

Need Help Choosing The Right Size Bat?

Click Here for a Bat Sizing Guide.

Wood bats carry no warranty or guarantee.
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