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Innovative Sports Perfect Stride

Pstride means Perfect Stride!Teach players proper stride technique through muscle memory. By keeping the front foot closed, Perfect Stride eliminates over-striding or stepping out. Builds solid lower body mechanics and is fully adjustable.

Great Tool


Great tool. Much better than the old tie long shoe laces together. Teaches the hitter to finish the swing balanced. Helps to correct overstriding and stepping out.

Sharp Obsession

Memphis, TN


Want to fix an overstride?


This product will correct overstriding and help the athlete feel any stride other than correct. I use this product during a toe tap drill and during tee and soft toss work and have seen great results without any pushback like i got with a board. At first she was uncomfortable with it concerned that she would fall however in over 2 months of working with it she has never fallen. Very happy with this product.

Catcher 17



Solid Product


My 9-year-old son has a problem of over-striding and thus causing his hands to lag behind and not hitting the ball with any authority. After only about three sessions on the batting tee using the Perfect Stride, he seems to be cured. The ball now jumps off the bat. He is staying behind the ball and driving it to all fields. Hopefully this will translate to live pitching in the spring. Highly recommed this product.

A. Deatrick

New Haven, IN


Innovative Sports Perfect Stride

4.7 3


Innovative Sports provides quality training equipment for baseball, softball, football, basketball, volleyball, track and soccer. We carry a wide selection of Innovative Sports training equipment, including the Perfect Stride, which reinforces proper body mechanics in running.