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  • Description
  • XTRA Bat Co.
Xtrabat 3-in-1 Trainer With Adjustable Weight

3 Training Tools in One!
  • Swing Training: Helps muscle memory for that short to the ball, long follow through swing.
  • Strengthening: Isolates each muscle of the arm for a thorough and complete workout.
  • Warm-Up Bat: Use to loosen up in the on-deck circle.

Each bat comes with two 1¼ lb. weights and is 20" long. Any standard plate weight fits on the Xtra. Instructional CD-ROM included.

Colors: Black, Red.

"The Xtra Bat teaches the hands to release the proper way and at the same time strengthens the muscles used while swinging. A great all-around Training Device!" - Rudy Jaramillo

Voted #1 Hitting Coach in the Major Leagues by MLB Players in a SI Poll.
XTRA Bat Co. provides quality baseball and softball equipment. We carry a wide selection of XTRA Bat Co. softball and baseball equipment, including baseball swing trainers, softball swing trainers, baseball warm up bats, softball warm up bats, baseball training bats and weighted baseball bats.
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