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Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun.

The Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun uses digital technology and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to provide accurate real-time measurements to +/- 1.0 MPH. The BSPEEDV is a more simplified, yet equally effective, option to our BSPEED. It features easy point-and-shoot operation and can track the speed of a ball from 100 feet making it the ideal tool for tracking everything from pitching speeds to racecars. Other features: Large LCD display, Requires 2 C batteries (not included), Registers BASEBALL / SOFTBALL up to 110 mph (from 100 Feet Away) and AUTO RACING up to 200 mph (from 1300+ Feet Away).

Get what you pay for!


Not very accurate. Versus our team's facility radar, this is 5 to 10 mph off. Decent enough for practice to get a sense of pitch speed and exit speed, but not a good go buy. More expensive radar I compared with indicate this radar is slow by as much as 10 mph. It is an inexpensive option, but for me as a coach, I should have spent more $$ for a more accurate product.

Coach D

Houston, TX


Decent Gun


Unlike it says, the further away you are the less accurate it is. Im a scoout and have compaired it to the jugs and laser models. The difference is that this gun picks up the ball at the closest point which is as it crossed homeplate. The other guns pick up where the ball first enters. There is a 3-5mph difference between the guns. This one is slower. So if your clocking 87 on this one and head to a tryout you can be positive you will reach 90. As all the pro tryouts ive been to use one of the two prior mentioned ones. So dont get discouraged. Its very good for finding pitch speed differences. That is very accurate ie. Fastball to change up to breaking ball.

flame thrower

New York

Inaccurate speed reading.


This is my third one I will be buying in the last 4 years. It's a must for pitching but it's inconsistant in reading speed of pitches. I can't afford the $800.00 unit. It works fine for about 6 months. Now it reads over 100 mph per pitch.Would like to know if it is repairable.

Pitching coach

Lincoln, Nebraska


pretty good for the $$


I use this product when facing pitchers with a good heater. It doesnt always pick up every pitch. Yet, for the most part, it does a good job


west covina, ca


Used for a Baseball party theme


We used this product for our kids birthday party. The attraction was to rate the pitching speeds of the kids and write the speed # on a water gun we gave as a thank you. The kids loved it.

nick the quick



Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun

2.8 5


Bushnell provides quality accessories for baseball players and softball players. We carry a wide selection of Bushnell pitching and throwing accessories, including the Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun, which is a radar gun designed specifically for pitchers.