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The calendar turning to May means warmer weather, more ballgames, more chances to be outside.  For many student-athletes, it means one last chance to put on a school uniform, one last at bat, one last come-from-behind win.  It means, proms, graduations, signed yearbooks, and of course, superlatives and awards. has put together our own collection of award-worthy equipment.  From dinger hitting bats, to slick fielding gloves, this equipment is not only worthy of awards, but will even help you win some awards of your own.  Check out the equipment we consider to be Best In Class, and find out how you can be nominated to win a prize of your own!


The home run is not only the most exciting play in softball, but the most exciting play in sports.  It is the ultimate equalizer.  While scoring in softball is traditionally methodical, requiring multiple hits, a homer is lightning in a bottle and instant gratification.  No wonder why there has been more emphasis on hitting the ball over the wall in recent years.

We have compiled the best and most popular bats to emphasize speed and power at the plate.  But one does stand above the rest.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Hit A Dinger

The Nominees:

EASTON 2020 GHOST ADVANCED -10 FASTPITCH BAT:  The DOUBLE BARREL 2™ design combines a lighter inner barrel with a stronger outer barrel, delivering the lowest compression in the game for maximum barrel flex and performance.

LOUISVILLE SLUGGER 2021 LXT -10 FASTPITCH BAT:  New for 2021, an all-new Single-Disc PBF Speed Composite Barrel delivers maximum pop, a massive sweet spot and a sound that you'll love.

RAWLINGS 2021 MANTRA -9 FASTPITCH BAT:  The Mantra is meticulously crafted from the finest materials, and features a revolutionary 3-step inner barrel design to maximize performance. Its outer barrel is also 15% thinner for unmatched trampoline and pop.

DEMARINI 2021 PRISM -10 FASTPITCH BAT:  the Prism+ features a newly engineered Continuous Fiber barrel, using technology that allows for strategic weighting of the barrel for extra power while maintaining a balanced swing weight.


The importance of finding the perfect equipment bag or bat pack cannot be understated.  If a player finds the right one, they will not only use it for a season, but several seasons afterward, collecting the memories, the joys, the failings, and the success a player and their team go through.

While a bag may, on the surface, simply be a great place to hold all of your gear, it’s a great place to store your stories from the diamond as well.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Hold It Together.

The Nominees:

WORTH XL PLAYER WHEELED BACKPACK:  Simple but refined, this wheeled backpack hold four bats, has a lower cleat compartment, a large main pocket for storage, multiple front pockets, and a Velcro placement on the outside for batting gloves.

MIKEN XL BAT PACK:  A compact bag with nearly unlimited storage, this bag hold up to four bats, has a dedicated shoe compartment, a main equipment compartment, and even a dedicated spot for a player’s cell phone.

RIP-IT GAMEDAY SOFTBALL BACKPACK:  A must-have for today’s softball player.  Not as flashy as some backpacks, but multiple color-ways give this backpack some personality while providing plenty of room for gameday essentials.

DEMARINI VOODOO REBIRTH BAT PACK:  This bag has everything a ballplayer needs to get all of his gear to the field. It's large enough to fit a helmet, glove and cleats along with any extra equipment or personal items.


Hitting a ball with a bat is the hardest thing to do in all of sports.  It takes unprecedented levels of skill and concentration.  That's why it's important for a hitter to feel confident, comfortable, and protected.

The proper batting accessories can achieve all of these.  A well-fitted batting helmet can maximize protection but maintain visibility.  Proper batting gloves can give a hitter extra grip for more powerful and quicker swings.  The right accessories can make any hitter feel like they can take on any pitcher, on any diamond, on any day.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Cover Your Bases.

The Nominees:

EASTON GHOST FASTPITCH WOMEN’S STARS & STRIPES BATTING GLOVES:  These patriotic batting gloves are among the most durable and reliable in the game today, worthy of dawning the name “Ghost” after Easton’s prime fastpitch softball bat.

EASTON GHOST BATTING HELMET WITH MASK MATT TWO-TONE:  With three distinct shell sizes to fit a wide range of head sizes and head shapes, the helmet is strategically engineered to address and reinforce crucial impact points.

RIP-IT VISION CLASSIC SOFTBALL BATTER HELMET:  Simple, sound, and protective, this helmet from Rip-It is designed specifically for the female player and features a traditional glossy finish.

MIZUNO MVP BATTING HELMET:  Mizuno’s simple approach to batting helmets shines through on this one as this helmet provides not just the protection a player needs, but provides a large viewing window while at the plate.


Stealing a base is not just a skill, it is an art form.  From getting a great lead, to perfectly timing your first step, to sliding into the right corner of the bag, it involves a level of speed and grace unknown to most athletes.
The right footwear can be the difference between safe by a mile or out by a hair.  Getting that extra traction under your cleats can make life that much more difficult for any pitcher or catcher.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Steal A Base.

The Nominees:

NEW BALANCE WOMENS FASTPITCH VELO 2 METAL CLEAT:   The metal-studded outsole on these women's softball shoes provides enhanced traction for increased maneuverability and control, while the Fresh Foam midsole provides all-game comfort to get you through extra innings with ease.

NEW BALANCE WOMENS FASTPITCH VELO 2 TURF SHOE:  Designed for optimal comfort and support, the Fresh Foam Velov2 Turf women's cleats feature a synthetic upper with reaction-diffusion design based on real player data for a better fit and feel.

MIZUNO WOMENS 9-SPIKE SWIFT 5 FASTPITCH CLEATS:  The #1 fastpitch cleat Gender Engineered for softball specific movements, providing enhanced cushioning and ultimate comfort.

ADIDAS WOMEN’S ICON V BOUNCE LOW METAL FASTPITCH CLEATS:  These cleats are built with responsive cushioning and feature a sock-like fit for a stable, locked-in feel. The cleated outsole delivers enhanced grip as you swing for the fences.


Of all the everyday positions in softball, Catcher may be the most important.  From pitch calling to setting the defense, it is the only position that is involved in every pitch of every game.  Which is why it is so important for catcher’s to have the proper equipment and be in the best game-shape possible.

Having the right leg guards, the right mask, and the right glove can make all the difference in the world and can help form proper technique.  Here are the nominees for Most Likely To Be Framed.


The Nominees:

EASTON WOMENS JEN SCHRO VERY BEST FASTPITCH CATCHERS SET:  The Very Best™ Box Set from Easton x Jen Schro is revolutionary new gear made specifically to inspire and protect fastpitch catchers.

MIZUNO WOMEN’S SAMURAI FASTPITCH CATCHER’S BOX SET:  This gear has built in shoulder pads, an anatomical cut and air mesh lining for a lightweight feel and ideal fit designed exclusively for the quickness of the fastpitch game. This gear is gender engineered with the female player and the fastpitch game in mind.

ALL-STAR AFX FASTPITCH CATCHING KIT:  Protective and comfortable, yet fitted and streamlined, it’s all about maximizing performance with All-Star’s new elite line designed for women.

RAWLINGS ADULT VELO 2.0 USA NOCSAE CATCHER’S SET:  This NOCSAE approved catcher’s set from the Number One name in Diamond Sports is designed specifically for the female player and comes in a player-favorite patriotic color scheme.


The ball glove may be the most iconic piece of equipment not just in softball, but all of sports.  The glove is an extension of who you are as a player, defining what position you play, and even allowing a player to show off their personality with flashy color patterns and combinations.

Finding the right glove is key for any player as it will most likely be used for more seasons than any other piece of equipment.  With that, here are our nominees for Most Likely To Steal A Hit.


The Nominees:

RAWLINGS HEART OF THE HIDE 12” FASTPITCH GLOVE:  Artfully crafted from quality full-grain leather, the 2021 12-inch Heart of the Hide softball glove offers the same unmatched quality you expect from any HOH glove. Its 12-inch pattern is designed specifically for softball players too. Its large pocket and softer leather construction allow for a quick, easy break-in and game-ready feel.

EASTON PROFESSIONAL COLLECTION FASTPITCH 12.75” H WEB GLOVE:  A top glove from the top name in softball. Featuring a classic H-style web, this glove has a deep pocket to secure the ball with each catch.

WILSON A2000 MA14 GM 12.25” FASTPITCH PITCHERS GLOVE:  Built for the game's biggest stage, the A2000 MA14GM puts the Red, White and Blue on your hand when you take the mound. This 12.25" pitcher's model features incredibly durable, yet lightweight White SuperSkin, as well as Red and White Pro Stock Leather.

RAWLINGS 2021 LIBERTY ADVANCED 12.5” FASTPITCH GLOVE:  Built for the game's biggest stage, the A2000 MA14GM puts the Red, White and Blue on your hand when you take the mound. This 12.25" pitcher's model features incredibly durable, yet lightweight White SuperSkin, as well as Red and White Pro Stock Leather.


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