CamWood Adult Hands and Speed Trainer Bat

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32" 44 OZ
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CamWood Adult Hands and Speed Trainer Bat

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**The Hands & Speed Trainer Bat comes with a QR code to access their Coach’s Guide To Hitting Video for free, so you have the proper drills to get the most results with the bat!


  • Improve Swing Mechanics
  • Increase Bat Speed
  • Increase Power
  • Increase Confidence At The Plate

The CamWood Trainer is the only baseball bat of its kind. This adult trainer has a +12oz knob-loaded design. The weight is located at the hands which help keep them inside the ball and allows you to swing with proper mechanics. Many training bats (as well as traditional bat donuts) do not fully develop the necessary mechanics to create true power. They are often overloaded in the barrel, thus causing the casting effect and other mechanical breakdowns. This bat is perfectly balanced to strengthen the forearms and create a better hand path to the ball while improving bat speed and power. Primarily recommended for tee work, front toss, and on-deck, but can be used in all training facets - including live pitch. Practicing with CamWood Training Bats has proven success with professional teams as well as many high schools and colleges. Sizing a bat is simple - a player should always train with the same length bat that he plays with. For example, if you hit with a 32-inch bat, then you should train with a 32-inch bat. The extra weight is distributed in such a way that it does not seem heavy. Think of holding a sledgehammer by the head rather than by the handle. The redistribution of weight makes it seem much lighter.


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