Louisville Slugger 2021 Baseball Bats

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Louisville Slugger is the official bat of Major League Baseball. After 135 years in the hands of legends, Louisville Slugger has become an American icon and the trusted bat for players who leave their mark.


Baseball Express has the latest Louisville Slugger bats, ready for you to swing. Which bat are you choosing? 

Louisville Slugger Meta Bats

The bat that has transformed the BBCOR game now joins the Louisville Slugger Senior League lineup for the first time. The EKO™ composite barrel is engineered to the pinnacle of performance. A three-piece construction featuring our patented VCX²™ Connection System pairs with our innovative barrel design, culminating in a light-swinging bat with an enormous sweet spot.

Louisville Slugger Prime Bats

Unmatched feel and an optimized sweet spot. This is Prime.

The all-new AVC Microform Composite barrel is engineered to perfection, designed to give you an optimized sweet spot and unmatched feel. An RTX™ end cap provides a longer barrel shape and patented VCX™ Technology allows for independent movement between the barrel and handle while controlling vibration and providing unmatched feel on contact. VCX™ Technology creates a feel unique to both power and contact hitters alike.

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Louisville Slugger Omaha Bats

Crafted year in and year out for optimized performance and solid feel. This is Omaha.

Designed with an all-new MX 7U1+ alloy barrel, the Omaha bat delivers a huge sweet spot and stiffer feel on contact. The Omaha features a VIBEX™ premium vibration dampening handle construction to reduce hand sting and a 6-Star™ premium end cap design. Its balanced swing weight in the 31" and 32" models provides the ultimate combination of speed and power, while the 33" and 34" models feature a heavier swing weight on the MOI scale, preferred by stronger, more advanced hitters. Fine-tuning and attention to detail drive the top hitters to pick up this bat year after year.

Louisville Slugger Select Bats

An extra-stiff design with a massive barrel shape. This is Select PWR.

The innovative EXD Alloy barrel on the Select PWR is a half-inch longer than traditional BBCOR bats, giving you a highly-responsive expanded sweet spot on the heaviest-swinging bat in our lineup. Paired with the extra-stiff 3FX PWR connection and all-new PWR end cap, you get a bat crafted for one thing: turning swing momentum into maximum power and performance

Louisville Slugger 2021 Select PWRLouisville Slugger 2021 Select PWR

Louisville Slugger Solo Bats

Louisville Slugger 2021 SoloLouisville Slugger 2021 Solo

A light-swinging bat with incredible pop. This is Solo.

The one-piece SL Hyper alloy construction on the Solo bat delivers a huge sweet spot and stiff feel on contact. The Solo, the lightest-swinging bat in the Louisville Slugger lineup, features VIBEX™ premium vibration dampening handle construction to reduce hand sting. The all-new SPD end cap reduces the weight at the end of the bat, helping hitters get through the zone quicker than ever with improved control. A Louisville Slugger PRO Comfort Grip™ gives you the perfect mix of tack and cushion.

Louisville Slugger Vapor Bats

An unrivaled combination of durability and performance. This is Vapor.

Built with one-piece 7-Series alloy, it delivers maximum stability in the box. The Vapor features a durable synthetic leather grip that gives you the perfect feel on every single swing.

Dig in. Break out.

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Having the right baseball bat can make all the difference in the world when you step up to the plate.  If your bat is too light, it will result in a lot of pop ups; Too heavy and it becomes very difficult to catch up to fastballs.  Our bat guide breaks down all currently available bat types and includes sizing charts so you can find the baseball bat that is the perfect length and weight for you or your player.  Also check our quick description of league guidelines to make sure your purchase matches your league's rules and specifications.

Louisville Slugger 2021 OmahaLouisville Slugger 2021 Omaha