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Take to the diamond in style with a new Bat Pack or Equipment Bag this season!  Find the perfect bag to safely house all of your own equipment and personal items while taking your game on the road.  Whether you just need a bag for your bat and glove or something to carry all of your catcher's equipment in, has you covered.  Check out our guide below to every bag we have to offer.


Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat PackEaston Ghost Fastpitch Bat Pack
Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat Pack

Bat Packs are great for the needs of the individual player.  Most bags will feature one or two sleeves to carry your bats, a pocket to keep your personal items, and a main compartment to house your fielding glove, batting gloves, practice balls, and any other extra apparel you may need.  Most will even feature an extra compartment to house your cleats, keeping your other items safe from any dirt or mud you may pick up from the field


Wheeled bags are great for catchers who are in need of an easy way to transport all of their gear and catcher's equipment.  Much larger than a standard bat pack, wheeled bags have plenty of room for helmets, chest protectors, leg guards, and still have space for bats and gloves.  Since all of this extra gear can start to pile on the weight, these bags have the benefit of wheels for easy transport from the car to the dugout.  

Easton Jen Schro Wheeled Catcher's BagEaston Jen Schro Wheeled Catcher's Bag
Easton Jen Schro Wheeled Catcher's Bag


Mizuno Team OG5 Duffel BagMizuno Team OG5 Duffel Bag
Mizuno Team OG5 Duffel Bag

Duffle bags are perfect for every day use.  Most feature a main compartment for a change of clotes or an extra pair of shoes with multiple smaller pockets for miscellaneous items.  If you are looking for something to hold smaller equipment or training apparel to take to the gym or practice, a new duffle bag will fit your needs


General equipment bags are a cross between wheeled bags and duffle bags.  Meant to carry multiple items, equipment bags are great for coaches who carry multiple practice balls, bases, cones, or any other practice materials you and your team may need.

Team Express Equipment BagTeam Express Equipment Bag
Team Express Equipment Bag