If you are on the lookout for a new softball glove that can help you step up your game, we've put together a list of the best softball gloves of 2020, including fastpitch and slowpitch gloves. 


Wilson A2000 Kelsey Stewart Game Model 12" Fastpitch Glove

Wilson A2000 Kelsey Stewart Game Model 12" Fastpitch Glove

Made out of premium Pro Stock® leather that breaks in perfectly and is ultra-durable, this glove was carefully crafted with feedback from professionals. It also features Custom Fit System so that it will perfectly mold to every player's hand. The sleek knotless back design is excellent for players looking for reduced leg abrasions during pitch delivery.

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Mizuno Pro Select Fastpitch 12" Softball Glove


Mizuno Pro Select Fastpitch 12


This glove was designed using advanced glove scans of thousands of professional players to create pocket designs that are custom-tailored specifically for each position and player's needs. Made out of premium US Steerhide, this glove is firm and durable, yet comfortable thanks to an Elite Leather palm liner that provides an extremely comfortable natural fit and feel.

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Rawlings HOH Softball PRO125SB-18GW 12.5" Fastpitch Glove


Rawlings HOH Softball PRO125SB-18GW 12.5


Constructed from Heart of the Hide® soft leather, this glove features a hand-opening, finger stalls, and pattern that can be tailored to perfectly fit any player's hand. The padded thumb loops and smooth palm lining provide max comfort and a consistent, easy break-in.

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Easton Ghost Fastpitch Series 12.75" Softball Glove

Easton Ghost Fastpitch Series 12.75

Crafted with Premium Steer™ USA leather and featuring a Quantum Closure System™ that is designed to provide players with an optimal fit and feel and fastpitch specific patterns, this glove is perfect for fast pitchers looking for a tight, secure fit and maximum durability. 

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Rawlings Liberty Advanced Series 12" Fastpitch Glove


Rawlings Liberty Advanced Series 12


If you are looking for a glove that provides precision control and comfort, this glove is it. Constructed using full-grain oil treated shell leather and featuring Poron® XRD™ palm and index finger pads and all-leather laces, this glove was designed with fast pitchers looking to upgrade their performance in mind.

The Liberty Advanced series also includes a larger 12.5" Fastpitch Glove, a 13" Fastpitch Firstbase Mitt, and a 34" Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt.

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